Logo Mats

Hotel Cymyran Logo mat

Logo Mats

Over recent years we have seen a growing demand for more logo mat colours as well as references to internationally recognised colour systems.

Therefore, we are proud to launch our new logo system, Colour Symphony™.

Our design team has developed an extensive colour bank with more than 700 colours as well as a cross-reference system has been created to enable our designers to match the Millitron® colours to established colour reference systems.

Milliken’s patented and highly advanced Millitron® Dyeing Technology provides a unique method of dyeing the tuft which ensures a deep, intense colour penetration. Millitron® Dyeing Technology locks in colour for greater colour retention and a longer life.

It is also possible to purchase large mats displaying the full colour range on logo mat textile or the 99 basic colours. Furthermore we have developed 3 background patterns, which are available in 12 colour combinations. These background patterns can be used to make a plain mat look nicer. We have also developed 3 borders which are available in the 99 colour range.

For further information and examples of our Personalised Mats visit our Personalised Mats page or if you require Hazard Mats they can be found on our Hazard Mats page

Below are a selection of recently produced Logo Mats.

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